The copy on this page is educational information that describes why a regular roof application is not adequate for some projects.

All necessary precautions shall be taken by other on-site trades to preclude damage to installed waterproof membrane.

Supply 1”x4’x4’ styrene protection board. Protection board to be installed by Owner’s forces or backfill contractor.

Waterproofing Systems
A-S Urethane Systems are approved applicators for the following products:
Carlisle Coatings



Waterproof Deck Coating

A-S Urethane Systems has been installing the DECKGARD traffic coating system for 15 years and has been able to monitor effective procedure to ensure proper installation. DECKGARD provides a very attractive surface and provides superior protection for all types of above-grade decks. DECKGARD is an elastomeric polyurethane suitable for pedestrian traffic. It cures to a firm, resilient, flexible, water and weatherproof coating. It has excellent adhesion to concrete and plywood and when embedded with aggregate, provides a tough-wearing, skid resistant surface with high resistance to ultra-violet and harmful exposure to the sun and weather.

DECKGARD is installed over a sound, plane, and stable substrate, clean and free of curing compounds, oil, grease, paint, plaster and other contaminants. The DECKGARD system is not designed to allow sloping of the substrate in the application process. Slope, if desired, must be designed and built into the substrate prior to the application of the DECKGARD system.


Below-Grade Waterproofing

Below-grade waterproofing consists of high density, spray-applied urethane foam with multiple coats of single component modified elastomer membrane and protection board. Our applicators have a minimum of 3 years experience installing this system.

Concrete Walls

Surfaces to receive waterproofing must be clean and safely accessible. All dirt, rock and mortar remnants shall be removed prior to scheduling/staging of waterproofing work.

Excessively large voids, rock pockets or form-tie-bolt holes shall be patched.

Wall surfaces that have large areas of laitance or that are excessively slick from steel forms shall be sand blasted to provide a sound surface for waterproofing.


Spay-apply minimum thickness urethane foam meeting the following requirements:

Density-in-place 2.0 to 2.5 lb/ft.
Compressive Strength 40 – 45 psi
Shear Strength 55 – 60 psi

Foam shall be applied from above finish-grade-line down to and out over edge of footing. Wall/footing juncture shall receive a thickened cant of sprayed foam.

Spray fluid applied asphalt modified acrylic elastomer membrane over foam in one coat at a rate of 2 gallons per 100 square feet.

Membrane Properties

Tensile Strength 325 psi
Elongation 650%
Permeability .010 perm inches.