The DURAGARD system is ideal for the Arizona climate.

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A Tradition of Quality

A-S Urethane Systems designs, installs and maintains state-of-the-art urethane roofing using the very impressive and unique high performance DURAGARD Roof System. It is a rigid spray foam roofing system for both Commercial / Industrial and most flat roof or low slope residential applications.

A-S Urethane Systems continues its 15-year tradition of offering the best value in high quality urethane roofing systems and providing excellent customer service for its clients. For nearly four decades, the DURAGARD system has continuously proven to be the finest coated-foam roofing system in the industry based on owner satisfaction, overall quality & performance, and the lowest cost of overall ownership available.

Per UL testing and credentials, A-S Urethane Systems exceeds the industry standard for “cementicious” coated foam roofing systems! DURAGARD Industrial cementicous coated foam roofing is the industry standard by which all other systems are measured.

Combining efforts, ingenuity and resources with specialty product manufacturers, along with utilizing premium products such as BASF foam insulation & United Coatings “Diathon” acrylic elastomers, the DURAGARD system offers unsurpassed U.L. fire resistive construction credentials unlike any other urethane system available. The DURAGARD polyurethane foam roof is engineered & designed to last far longer than all other competing urethane roofs and conventional asphalt systems.


There are three types of DURAGARD Systems:

UL CLASS A Industrial Roof System:

This system is classified for all types of roof deck construction for fire resistive construction methods. It is not limited to thickness or incline restrictions like most foam roofing systems. This means that installing crickets utilizing sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam insulation at any slope requirement will not affect the required UL-Class classification. This applies to both combustible and non-combustible decking applications. It is designed to provide waterproofing and insulation with a durable wearing surface. UL Construction Numbers 74, 82, 136, 181 and 206-US Navy White House Test/UL Standard 1256 (Roofing Coatings Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® as roof deck construction materials with resistance to an internal fire exposure only for use in Construction Nos. 74, 82, 136, 181 and 206).

Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals:

DURAGARD is approved as a Class 1 Insulated Steel or Concrete Deck Roof System for new construction and as a Class 1 Re-Cover Application System when installed over existing Class 1 built-up roofing. Approval Guild, or job Identification NO. 2NIA3.AM. ICBO Approval: The DURAGARD roof assembly is supported by ICBO in accordance with the ICBO ES Acceptance Criteria for Membrane Roof Covering Systems (AC75), data dated 1997, reports of tests in accordance with UL 1256-85 (Wind Uplift Resistance of I-180).

Residential Roof System 2:

A residential, light commercial, high performance roofing system, designed to provide excellent waterproofing and insulation values with a very durable wearing surface in low to moderate traffic environments. This DURAGARD selection helps to reduce extreme structure temperature differentials and also minimizes heat gain or build-up, thus reducing extreme structural thermal shock caused by large climatic outdoor temperature splits.

Commercial Roof System 3:

A commercial, light industrial roofing system also designed to provide excellent waterproofing and insulation values while providing a durable wearing surface in moderate traffic conditions. This system also reduces extreme structure temperature differentials lessening heat gain and thermal shock potentials. Materials and manufacturers are ISO 9001-2000 certified by an approved independent ISO Audit Agency.