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Celebrating 20 years

We are now into year 21 of serving the valley of the sun with superior roof systems, superior warranties, and superior customer service. Thank you to everyone who has entrusted us with the roofing needs of your homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools. Your continued loyalty to us is appreciated and always remembered, thank you.

Roofing Damage/Free Inspections

Call us for our always FREE roof inspections. Better to get a roof check up before the monsoon causes unnecessary damage to your home or business. If your roof does not need anything we’ll hand you a business card and be on our way. If repairs are needed we’ll let you know, provide you with a quote, and show you pictures of areas of concern. Happily serving customers in the valley for 21 years.  602-866-2703.

Roofing Maintenance – Tile Roofing Systems

Most people do not realize it is important to perform periodic maintenance in order to keep your Tile Roofing System watertight. Built-up debris in the Valley areas of your roof can cause water to back-up and not drain properly potentially causing expensive interior water damage. Be sure to sweep or blow out these areas periodically especially if you have trees adjacent to your home.  Also, keep trees and tall shrubs trimmed back to lessen the chance of rodents entering your attic space from the roof.